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After the reinstallation in 1977 an elaborate systems of poojas and rites have been prescribed. Pooja is done three times for Bhagavathy and Venkitachalapathy. Milk and navakabishekams are done for Venkitachalapathy preceding the Uchapooja.

Poomudal is done daily for Bhagavathy as part of the Uchapooja. This is done as offerings by the devotees.

Muttirickal and poomudal are very important offerings for Bhagavathy. Muttirickal is done by ceremoniously breaking a coconut at the feet of the Bhagavathy. This is done for removing all obstacles in the path of the devotee in all matters connected with his life, like getting job, passing of examinations, Marriages etc. Poomoodal on the other hand grants all his wishes and ensures success in all ventures. This is borne out by the fact that poomudal is booked in advance up to 2020 now. Only one poomudals done on one day Booking is continuing.

Thiruvenkitachalapathi Pooja Timing  
Temple Open (Morning) 04. 30am Nirmalya Darshanam
Morning 04.50am Enna Aadal, Vakacharthu
Morning 05.00am Abhishekam, Malar Nivedyam, Alangaram
Morning 05.15am Ganapathi Homam
Morning 06.00am to 06.30am Usha Pooja
Morning 08.45am Lakshmi Narayanan Pooja (Offering Order)
Morning 09.00am to 11.00am Ucha Pooja
Morning 09.00am Paalabhishekam
Morning 09.20am Navakam, Alangaram
After Ucha Pooja  
Temple Closed 12.00pm
Evening Temple Open 04.30pm
Evening 06.30pm Deeparadhana (Asthamayam Anusarichu)
Evening 07.40pm Athazha Pooja
Temple Closed 08.30pm
Bhagavathi Pooja Timing  
Morning 06.30am to 07.00am Usha Pooja
Morning 07.00am to 09.00 Muttirakkal Time
Morning 09.30am Poomoodal
Morning 10.30am Ucha Pooja
Morning 10.30am to 12.30am Muttirakkal Time
Evening 04.30pm to 07.00pm Muttirakkal Time
Evening 07.45pm Athazha Pooja
Upadevas Pooja Time Morning 10.00am

Ganapathi, Ayyappan, Ramanujan, Naga, Rakshassu,

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