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Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple


The Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple situated at Thiruvenkidom desom which is a kilometer to the north east of the famous SreeKrishna Temple, Guruvayur is an ancient and unique shrine in many respects. The most notes worthy point is that the deity worshipped at this temple is the same Lord Thiruvenkitachalapathy (Balaji) worshipped at the world famous Tirumala Temple in Andrapradesh.

As per astrological findings made by reputed astrologer, late Puduseri Vishnu Namboodiri, more than one thousand years ago, a sage from the Tirumala Temple came over to Guruvayur and wishing to establish a temple for his Lord Venkitachalapathi at Guruvayur where there is already a temple for Lord Sreekrishna, sat by the side of the present temple tank, prayed for and obtained permission of the Lord for such a temple at Guruvayur and then established this temple after bringing an idol from Tirupati.

This astrological finding is borne out by the simple fact that the locality where this temple is situated is known as Thiruvenkidom from time immemorial. The abode of Thiruvenkitachalapathy, is naturally Thiruvenkidom . It might be the wish of the great Lord that where he is already worshipped as Sreekrishna, he should be worshipped as Venkitachalapathy also. That must explain this extraordinary phenomenon of the three different manifestations at the same place, to perhaps make true.


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